STEREO ADDICTION - HUMAN Directed by Luís Alegre Produced by Buenos Aires Films and Madame ______________________________________________________________________ STEREO ADDICTION - Shades of Light March 2008 Stink Factory, a production company that is mainly dedicated in its projects to indie/rock music, decided that they wanted to explore something different and this time in the electronic music sound, house. The choice could not have been more correct. Dan, the movie director, explains why: “Stereo Addiction seemed to be an interesting act to us being a DJ duo which is inspirational towards ideas for the video. Plus we`re entering a new music area working with them which is always exciting and entertaining as we are open minds.” ______________________________________________________________________ STEREO ADDICTION - Shades of Light - The Making Of The Video ______________________________________________________________________ STEREO ADDICTION - Shades Of Light - The Interview "> ______________________________________________________________________ STEREO ADDICTION - DiscooPhunker