john-e-final João Reis aka John-e It was in the Far East that it all started. In Macau, at just 17 years of age João Reis gave his first steps in the art of Dj’ing. One year later, in 1995, at the club UFO there would be the birth as a professional of John-e. Success in Macau took him to different stops: to Hong Kong at the I-SPY parties, to Ko-Samui island in Thailand as a resident at the club SANTA FE or even to the acclaimed “Full Moon Parties of Ko-Phagan island. In 1997 he takes his records and his life to London where he remains until 2000. Playing regularly in clubs like the 414 or the GEORGE IV (both in Brixton) as well as underground festivals. England deeply marks John-e’s musical path: the British electronic sound, the passage through break-beat, minimal techno, progressive and deep house as well as the beginning of a friendship with another Portuguese DJ, Gustavo Rodrigues. Still in the year 2000, Portugal was the next destination, where he has as a main objective to establish as a DJ and producer. Forms a first project, ZOOM with DJ Gustavo mainly connected to trance and quickly embraces house creating the next project of this duo STEREO ADDICTION. The return to the Orient occurred in 2003, as STEREO ADDICTION in a two-day mountain festival in Kyoto Japan. Followed by memorable performances such as the warm-up to the UNDERWORLD show at the Lisbon Coliseum, in parties with the acclaimed Portuguese name Da Providers or even in Switzerland at the command of the turntables at the SPIDER GALAXY club to name but a few. “My elected sound is the more deep and hypnotic funky house” and John-e has proved this on the dance floors and festivals during the past years. In studio, we can list recent collaborations with names like Luca Ricci, Kenny Shifter, Kasey Taylor and Karlos Elizondo. - TPP-READY TO TAKE OFF - ZOOM - “Frog” - Good Mood Rec. - 2002 - STEREO ADDICTION - “How to Reach Us EP - Wonder - 2005 - AGAINST THE GRAIN - "Sim City (Luca Ricci, John-E & Diego Miranda rmx)" - Iberican Recordings - 2006 - HERNAN CERBELLO - "Dot Groovy (John-E & Bart Cruz rmx)" - Global Scum Records - 2006 - QUINTEK - “One Flew Over” - Vapour Rec. - 2006 - STEREO ADDICTION - “Dancefloor Addicted” - DanceClub - 2006 - STEREO ADDICTION - “Evolved/Deviant Behaviour” - Aenaria Tech - 2006 - STEREO ADDICTION f. D. MIRANDA - “Walk da Line” - New Breed - 2007 - JULIAN POKER - "Kaotic Perfection (John-E & Diego Miranda rmx)" - New Breed - 2007 - JULIAN POKER, JOHN-E & DIEGO MIRANDA - "Wahnzinn" - New Breed - 2007 - JOHN-E & DIEGO MIRANDA - "Revival EP" - Minimus - 2007 - MOONBEAM - "Contamination (John-E & Bart Cruz's Spooky Breakfast rmx) - Feed Me Records - 2008 - RUI DA SILVA - "Jet (John-E & Diego Miranda rmx)" - New Breed - 2008 - JOHN-E & DIEGO MIRANDA - "Let's Get Free EP" - Dot Com Recordings - 2008 - HUSLEY & GUNZ - “Wet Yourself (Stereo Addiction rmx)” - Kismet - 2008 - TOMMYBOY & SULTAN - "Come Together (John-E & Diego Miranda rmx) - Stereo Cool - 2008 - JOHN-E - “Melt A Seltzer” - Kismet - 2008 - JOHN-E - "Blended Spectrum One EP - Oyster Boy" - Benthic - 2009 - DIEGO MIRANDA - "The Change (John-E's Midnight Dub rmx) - New Breed - 2010